Deconstruction Project

 Using Photoshop CS6 and NotePad to create 6 deconstruction images.

First Image:

1. Save image Red_196 into a Raw file.

Red_196 into Raw file

2. Duplicate the image and Open it in NotePad. Cut out some text and paste it into somewhere else inside the document.


3. Open it again in Photoshop CS6 and save it as a JPEG file.

Red_196 - Copy1

Second Image:

1. Using the Raw file from the first image and open it in NotePad. Type in some random characters and view it in PhotoShop CS6.

charactars ad

Red_196 - Copy (2)Red_199 - CopyGreen_20032bitsBMP

Code copying in Notepad.

Red_199 - Copy - Copy

Third Image:

1. Using photoshop tools to change the colours of the character and background.


Change setting when I open RAW file from PhotoShop CS6:


Forth Image:


Delete some text from notepad.


Fifth Image:

Edit the image and change setting when opening the Raw file.

Monster1 Monster3

Sixth Image:






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