Field Recording – Plymouth University

The video below shows how different physical objects can be combined together to create a music piece. By looking at the video, I find out the changes of sound is similar to what we have today in the music industry. Those club music or even “Dubstep”. This might be the start of our music generation.

Aย field Recording created inside Plymouth University. The audio includes a variety of sounds such as elevators, students, doors and stone kicking sounds. I have combined and recreated these recordings into a new soundtrack. Field recording sounded like a recording should be made with nature noises but I took a different approach and converted the idea into using sounds from indoors activity.

By archiving this soundtrack, I have discovered how indoor sounds could be as divergent as nature sounds. Sounds such as the elevator beep in 0:04 created the music note of A#. This is really interesting because we never think of indoor sounds could be a key in the piano.ย Also if we listen closely to the stone kicking noise at the end of the soundtrack, we can hear 2 beats every time stones were being kicked. This creates a rhythm as the snare drum sound in a drum kit. These findings are very fascinating as we find out that sounds around us could be created into a musical.

The sounds of students also tell us immediately that the soundtrack was taken in the university.

By comparing my soundtrack to the video, it is indeed not as fluent due to the limitation on objects. Sounds in my creation is generated by object inside a building and are mostly been built where sound in the video are more focus on movable objects such as bottles.

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