Layar – Augmented Reality

AR or Augmented Reality is a creative way to add something new into an object digitally. It could be anything from images to real time moving digital objects. I have learnt to use Layar “today” and created an interactive image with one of my own design. Download the Layar app here to get involved immediately: Note: I do NOT own the video eagleexperiment I have created an animated video for the image below with the help of Layar. I have taken a different approach of creating my own GIF image rather than attaching video from YouTube. Something I find out could be useful for demonstrating the different between traditional art and modern art. More info can be find here: click here The idea behind this piece of artwork is when you scan the image using Layar App in your android phone, it changes the colour of the monument digitally. It also shows an animation of a rocket launching. The deeper meaning behind this is to show how a traditional art (in this case the monument in the image below) can turn into a modern art using digital techniques. It also created a new way for us to move a permanent art. monumentmonumenttraditional

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