Reflexive Design – GPS Drawing

The idea of GPS Drawing is to implement our creativity into cities we live in. By looking at these drawings, they make me think of what a city can be, not only a landscape but also a piece of creative work of art. Additionally, we could experiment with Google Maps in our smartphones.

This is a GPS Drawing of a fish by artists Hugh Pryor and Jeremy Wood in Oxfordshire:fish

My attempt of GPS drawing a fish in Plymouth, Devon with Google Map. The journey was taken from the busy part of the city. This sense of being surrounded and crowded  could symbolize the sea life in the Plymouth aquarium and harbour:


The fish drawn in Oxfordshire (one of the furthest city from the sea) doesn’t really have a purpose or meaning where my GPS fish drawing symbolize the Ocean City (Plymouth). My drawing is also limited within a small part of town compare to the land size of Oxfordshire. Therefore the fish I attempt to draw is not as precise as the one in Oxford. I have also limited myself to walk only on busy roads where the fish that was drawn by Hugh &  Jeremy is mostly like create by driving a car on terrains. GPS shows the difference of living in a city and country in terms of the society and land size.

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