Reflexive Design – Monument to the Conquerors of Space Vs Vectorial Elevation

Monument to the Conquerors of Space:

A permanent construction created in Moscow in 1964. A tower built to celebrate the succession of the Soviet space program. A rocket is attached to the top of the tower to remind people of our space exploration is still alive.

The image below is a crafted statue under the tower. These are the scientists that worked for the Soviet space program. The height of the building engages people around the area to understand science should not be forgotten.

Inside the tower also features a science museum with interactive explanations of the space program and the construction.


Below is a modern digital art show performed by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer in Vancouver. Vectorial Elevation features moving light beams shining to the sky. Rafael created an iPhone application where people can record up to 30 seconds of their voice to their phone or internet. The light beams will then move in a pattern with different level of intensity based on our GPS location and audio signal.


The monument is more of a permanent sculpture compared to the digital art show produced by Rafael where the show could be performed at a different location. This directs us to the point of the difference between traditional art and modern art. Traditional arts are more permanent and often created outdoors to remind people of an important event. Modern art however, are mostly created indoors with a digital approach. These 2 types of art have completely different purpose. For example the monument is created to remind us of a important event. When we look at it, we learn the space exploration story of the past. In Vectorial Elevation, the purpose is using light beams to create a phenomenal impression to the audience. It might also has an educational purpose of showing people how to create modern art with simple data. Both art pieces are very creative but Vectorial has additional ability of changing it’s appearance. One additional point is that most traditional artworks are sponsored by the government where modern art are mostly created by artist simply from their passion of creativity and to show off their work.

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