Psychogeography – Plymouth

Psyhchogeography is the study of develop feelings and behaviours from a geographical environment.

Placing a glass to draw a circle on the map.


Inside the circle, I have drawn a walk-able path.

The path at the Hoe Park of Plymouth is quieter than the rest of the route. That space of natural environment provided us the feeling of freedom and calmness.  No distractions from noises within the city. Walking up to Toys R’us and the Plymouth pavilion,  their positive energies have helped us to slowly develop the feeling of joy and happiness. There might be quite a lot of people near the pavilion, but it is nothing compared to the route next to the Drake Circus. The feeling near this route has a huge difference compared to the pathway at the Hoe Park. It is loud and full of people. This space of noise creates the feeling of distraction.


Cut out pieces within the route I took of Plymouth (ideas from Guy Debord’s map of Paris):

The arrows from Toys R’us to both Hoe Park and Armada Way create a larger feeling of relaxedness and calmness due to the quiet environment and also – the fresh air.  Drake Circus has a powerful atmosphere of the city life in Plymouth, therefore the arrows from these two green environment increase in size when they’re pointing to the city. The arrow from Toys R’us acts the same due to a lower population and less noises.


Guy Debord’s map of Paris:

guy map

Guy’s map is based on Paris, which is a bigger city than Plymouth. His idea of using arrows is more detailed and different from mine. His arrows indicate the entrance and exit created by people in Paris, it is created  for a larger scale mainly for drifters. Here comes my approach of walking the route myself meaning: not taking “data” from a big group of people. Both map are made to encourage us to have a thought on our feelings when we walk between terrains.

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