What is Urban API?

Do you ever have the same feeling of being crowded in a city? The rush of walking pass people on a busy road?

Here is something new for y’all, there is more in a city.

The idea of Urban API is to gather a specific type of data from an area of a city and look at it with a different perspective. For example the traffic in Plymouth: Around 7 -8 am, the road is the busiest.  If we look at the types of vehicle in it, we will see mostly cars and buses. This data shows us that University students wake up at that time to take a bus or walk to the University for their first lecture and also shows the people in Plymouth start working at that time. Same situation happens around 4 – 7 pm, where people finish their work and studies of the day.

Another way to use Urban API is demonstrated in the Movie: The Dark Knight. Batman (Christian Bale) asks Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) to keep track on his monitors that displays every phone call’s signals of Gotham City. Using the Urban API of phone calls, Lucius was able to find the villain (Joker).

The technology used in the movie leads us to the question of – What if this is real? What if Morgan Freeman can spy on everyone of us right now?


(note*I do not own the image above)

Refer to the technology of monitoring audio frequency, we can learn more about people in a city if we are using Urban API correctly. We might even be able to find the pattern of our living routine, such as the amount of sleep we need and the causes of pollution.

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