Digital Art & Technology Exhibition – University of Plymouth

“My work isn’t about form. It’s about seeing. I’m excited about seeing things, and I’m interested in the way I think other people saw things.” – Roy Lichtenstein.

The idea of the project is intended to create something different from the original image. It’s intended to be more colourful and perhaps more “creative”. Although it seems like it’s nothing special – a dotted image on a blank canvas? but the main idea of the project is trying to achieve something more than just an image – a painting of Pop Art created from a digital device. Looking at the new dotted image with the Pop Art perspective: if we look back at how people “check themselves out” in the mirror all the time and think about what do they really see in the mirror? People might only think it’s just a simple reflection of themselves or themselves “looking good”. However, if people look further into their reflection, the mirror showsย  not only an reflection of themselves but also the art of light reflections, tones of shade, variation of colours and more, which concludes to the question of mockery on how much people think they know about themselves and what they are really “seeing“.

17119_10204398632990160_3012093352033199211_n 1013369_10205488752932185_5108799305957031151_n 10433267_10204398632950159_1240110958142171712_n

“Pop Art holds up a mirror to industrial, reproducible media and its commercialization of popular culture.”

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