Land’s End Poster – Gaming App

This is a poster put together by me using illustrations from me and my friend Zachary Child . It is created for our gaming app's idea called Land's End. A group of us came up with this game that features various mini games within a mobile app. We were also asked to create advertisements for the app. Here is … Continue reading Land’s End Poster – Gaming App

Digital Art & Technology Exhibition – University of Plymouth

"My work isn't about form. It's about seeing. I'm excited about seeing things, and I'm interested in the way I think other people saw things." - Roy Lichtenstein. The idea of the project is intended to create something different from the original image. It's intended to be more colourful and perhaps more "creative". Although it … Continue reading Digital Art & Technology Exhibition – University of Plymouth

Tectonic Sense

Logo and Poster created for a presentation today. It's based on the idea of having shoes that gather tectonic data around the world. So people would be able to feel the earthquake through vibrating motors inside the shoes when earthquake is happening at the other end of the world. (logo & poster © copyrighted 2014 )