Concept Art Progress – Finished Piece

Great concept! by Zfresh

Zachary Child


Today I finally finished this piece of concept art that I have been working on for the last week or so. I wanted to challenge myself by painting something from my imagination. Concept artists work in a similar way as the environments they create are mostly made from their imagination.

I am very happy with this piece. The reason for this is because I have always been very intimidated by painting straight from my imagination without using any real sources of inspiration. However, I pushed myself past this hesitance I managed to produce a piece that I am rather proud of.

This piece is now more or less finished. At some point I may come back to it and add some more detail and perhaps something positioned on the pile of bones.

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Cave painting (Finished Version)

Great use of Photoshop painting. The use of colours is phenomenal.

Zachary Child


I have finally got round to finishing my cave painting. For this piece I wanted to paint a landscape with depth and quite intense lighting. I also wanted to use quite abstract and emphasised colours. Therefore I decided to paint a cave at night. I chose to use indigos, purples and blues to give the impression of night time and to give the piece an eye catching appearance.

I created depth by focusing on lighting and shadows. I decided to add the moon into the piece to provide a natural source of light. I emphasised the beams of light coming from the moon to give the painting a rather fantastical appearance.

Over all I am pleased with the final version of this painting. However, any feedback would be great!

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Batman v Superman Fan Photoshop Art

good inspiration.

Zachary Child


-Disclaimer- The characters portrayed in this piece are the rightful property of DC Comics and Warner Brothers. It will not be sold – it has simply been created for my portfolio.

This is my photoshop fan art for the new Batman v Superman movie coming out. I created this by photoshop images together and painting lighting / shadows over the top. In order to make this I had to heavily photoshop Superman’s face and reconstruct it using the paintbrush tool. I wanted to create a piece that reflects the tension between both both characters, hence the reason I gave them glowing eyes.

The photos I used to create this piece can be seen below:



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