What is Urban API?

Do you ever have the same feeling of being crowded in a city? The rush of walking pass people on a busy road? Here is something new for y'all, there is more in a city. The idea of Urban API is to gather a specific type of data from an area of a city and look at … Continue reading What is Urban API?

Psychogeography – Plymouth

Psyhchogeography is the study of develop feelings and behaviours from a geographical environment. Placing a glass to draw a circle on the map. Inside the circle, I have drawn a walk-able path. The path at the Hoe Park of Plymouth is quieter than the rest of the route. That space of natural environment provided us the feeling of freedom and calmness.  No … Continue reading Psychogeography – Plymouth

Street Art

There are different types of street art, such as Graffiti, skateboarding, Parkour, pop up shops, yarn bombing and more. Some have political motivation, some are just activities based on people's interest. Graffiti are mainly created to gain a recognition from the public and also to compete with other graffiti artists. Artists will spray paint their signatures and artworks … Continue reading Street Art

Reflexive Design – Monument to the Conquerors of Space Vs Vectorial Elevation

Monument to the Conquerors of Space: A permanent construction created in Moscow in 1964. A tower built to celebrate the succession of the Soviet space program. A rocket is attached to the top of the tower to remind people of our space exploration is still alive. The image below is a crafted statue under the tower. … Continue reading Reflexive Design – Monument to the Conquerors of Space Vs Vectorial Elevation