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Illustrations for Rhino – Design  company:



Final Year Project – The Hidden Figure – University


This Exhibition project is using digital illusion as a realistic painting to connect people together. At the same time, also to act as a reminder to people that death is inevitable – “All is Vanity”.

How does it work: When two strangers sat down on the chairs, the painting will begin to draw two figures that match the colour of their clothes. (Strangers are connected)

Then, holding up their phone with a black & white filter, hidden objects such as skulls appear, this is to remind people not to check their social media too often. They should instead talk to their friends in real life.

Technology used: Color tracker, Face tracker, Adobe software, webcam, Processing.

finalyer2finalyer1The Hidden Figure_ RevealFinal Illustration:


This is an illustration I did as an attempt for a greeting card competition for fresh graduates. I absolutely love illustration. Although I didn’t win anything, it was a fun experiment for me to see how far illustration can go compare to graphic design cards.




A little illustration I did for the menu of a restaurant.



These are some digital illustrations I did during my studies. The deadline of these illustrations and my ongoing university projects was a challenge for my time-management skills.

purpleflower.jpg      Landscapepainting3.jpg

ARTWORKE_392Wx592H.jpg           ARTWORKC(v9B).jpg


I have started a 30 days challenge in July 2017. This project allows me to be absolutely creative as there aren’t any guidelines or rules.

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link for higher resolution: (





As one of the main illustrators in the game module in university, we create a game called – Winter Blossom. In the video below you can find some of my Illustrations:


Characters designed for the project:




Logo Designs

whitewalllogo                           chameleilogo








Web Designs:



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Graphic Designs


A poster calendar created for a restaurant. This was my first attempt on typography. The title – March into the Night was created with fonts and illustrated lines. I illustrated the lines to form the shape of a lip, which was inspired by the loud title. I have also used dots all around the poster to emphasise the fun aspect of March’s events.



These Posters are created monthly for YellowKorner galleries. Each month features different artists around the world. Fonts and styles are chosen carefully to match the brand, photograph and event.




This is a leaflet created for a photo printing service. The challenge in this was the amount of content needed to be fit in 4 pages. It was great fun to arrange the text and create my own design.






Big menus were not as easy as I thought. The vast amount of contents to be squeezed into a piece of paper were harder than the leaflet! However, it was a fantastic practice that allowed me to discover the different possibility of the arrangement of text.





a5 Flyer Mockup#1.png



The process of brochure taught me about print bleed. I was able to create print bleeds with Adobe InDesign. It was fantastic to be able to design the front cover of the brochure!


Social Media:

Creating contents that fit the social media. The challenge was to create a design that lines up with the Profile photo of the company.





EDM & E-Newsletter:

Fantastic opportunities to create E-materials. They aren’t just putting chunks of stock images together. The process of designing to fit in an email is challenging and fun!

1EDM_Tartine               VIP visual2.jpg



It is always risky to prepare materials that are in very large scale. For examples, these light box vinyl are at more than 1-metre height and printers won’t usually provide print proofs. I had to make sure all images in large scale materials are up to scale without being pixelated.

lightbox.png lightbox2.pnghollywoodFBpost.jpg



Wedding Card  and Cake Designs






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