Land’s End Poster – Gaming App

This is a poster put together by me using illustrations from me and my friend Zachary Child . It is created for our gaming app's idea called Land's End. A group of us came up with this game that features various mini games within a mobile app. We were also asked to create advertisements for the app. Here is … Continue reading Land’s End Poster – Gaming App

Tectonic Sense

Logo and Poster created for a presentation today. It's based on the idea of having shoes that gather tectonic data around the world. So people would be able to feel the earthquake through vibrating motors inside the shoes when earthquake is happening at the other end of the world. (logo & poster © copyrighted 2014 )

Cave painting (Finished Version)

Great use of Photoshop painting. The use of colours is phenomenal.

Zachary Child


I have finally got round to finishing my cave painting. For this piece I wanted to paint a landscape with depth and quite intense lighting. I also wanted to use quite abstract and emphasised colours. Therefore I decided to paint a cave at night. I chose to use indigos, purples and blues to give the impression of night time and to give the piece an eye catching appearance.

I created depth by focusing on lighting and shadows. I decided to add the moon into the piece to provide a natural source of light. I emphasised the beams of light coming from the moon to give the painting a rather fantastical appearance.

Over all I am pleased with the final version of this painting. However, any feedback would be great!

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Horror Photoshoping

Photoshop images into a darker scenario. Inspired by horror movies such as The Conjuring and Insidious. These images will be used for a Dome Animation later on.  Darken these images to create a more immersive & horror plot. Before: After (Photoshop): Before: After: Note: I do NOT own any of these images